Saturday, January 4, 2014



has been the year of another move. we moved in with D's dad and got married :)

has been the year of growth.
As I was setting my heart on this word in the last days of 2012 I hadn't much in mind, just that I want to be a better cook and a more intuitive mother, listening more to my own heart than what society and the people around me tell me. I never thought that this food thing gave me the inspiration to cook vegan unprocessed organic food. All the time.
And anyone knows who has kids that parenting is always a lifetime growing thing.

but I grew in many more ways.

has been the year my photography hobby was almost non-existent. But we have hundreds of mobile pics and videos. I just haven't had enough time.

has been the year I unplugged much and made the most heartfelt friends. who now form part of our family.

has been the year I became a certified in-home daycare provider and cared for a little girl for 6 months.
Right now we are not taking on any daycare kids. we are still fusing two households, rearranging furniture, getting rid of things.

has been the year our home has become waldorf inspired. I sorted through all of our plastic toys and discarded or gave them away. we limited some things like stuffed animals, they kind of took up too much room.

has been the year my baby grew up in so many ways. He uses the potty now all day and only uses a diaper during the night. He learned to talk, walk, run and many more things. he taught me about patience and silence.

has been the year I mindfully leaned towards homeschooling and how to make that happen. we are onto something is all I can say.

2013 has been good to us. A year full of change.

I am looking forward to 2014 and all it brings us.


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Life with Kaishon said...

You are amazing.
Love, Becky
(who has loads of plastic and terrible food in her fridge ;))