Friday, December 27, 2013

this place

I have not written as much as I liked to this year.
Part of it is, because this place doesn't feel like a good fit anymore. It feels like I moved on and I changed.
I don't belong here anymore in a way, yet in others this is my sanctuary and the place I worked out my problems, shared my heart and made many connections over the years.
I feel like I have so much to share but if I do, I make myself so incredible vulnerable and I am not sure if I am still up for it. I contemplated of making this place private, but this doesn't feel right either.
I still want to share my heart with all of you lovelies, because I know you on the other side of the world still care about us.

with Dee and my changed attitude towards life, learning, our enviroment, raising a baby and everything what comes with it I have grown so much beyond this place here.

Friends, I need advice.



Life with Kaishon said...

I miss you! I would love for you to share pictures and thoughts again. You were my favorite, right from the start! Come back to blogging! I miss your art.

Love, Love, LOVE!

Bea, OT said...

Hi Suki! I have been out of the blog world a bit too. Perhaps because my original vision has changed too. I always enjoy reading your posts, for they are refreshingly honest and succinct. Your photography is always amazing! However, you must go with whatever path seems right to you. I'm sure you will find a balance that will suit your current life, one that includes a very smart, intense little boy.

Have a lovely day!